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Igal Katz - My Magazine

Джедай Интернета

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Does not contradict the Bible

1. Faith in the United God of the Father Omnipotent, the creator of Heaven and earth, all visible and invisible.
2. And in the United Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, a begotten, born of a father from the first century, light from the light, God is true of God, born, not created, one creature with the father through whom all is created;
3. For us, and for our salvation, the fellow man of Heaven, who has been fleshed from the spirit of the Holy and the Virgin, and growsed by men,
4. The crucified for us in Pontius Pilate, suffered and deceased,
5. The resurrected third day according to the writings (prophetic),
6. A retired father in heaven and seated on,
7 And to come again with glory to judge the living and the dead, the kingdom will not end.
8 And in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, giving life from the father, venerable and worshiped religions with the father and the son, expressing the prophets.
9. And into a united, holy, ecumenical and Apostolic Church.
10. Professing a single baptism for the abandonment of sins.
11. Waiting for the resurrection of the dead
12. And life for the future. Amen.